Domen Lo

Domen Lo

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First Name * Domen
Last Name * Lo
Username * Lombi
Country * Slovenia
City Ljubljana
Nationality Slovenian


Availability: Freelance


Domen Lombergar, young slovenian digital creator and artist, produces most of his artworks in only two dimensions. Putting aside some exceptions his computer screen represents his canvas and his tablet represents his brush. Yet not focusing on the used media Domen stays loyal to his expression ... the surrealistic motives often shock the viewer with their rawness and directness and emerge a wish to further explore the work and its message.

His refined sense for detail in combination with a high technical expertise lifts his creation on an even higher level. His style can most easily be defined as expressionistic, hyperrealistic or surrealistic.

The quality of his [url=]surreal art[/url] can also be described with numerous positive critiques on both slovenian and foreign websites and by various professional critics. His digital artworks have appeared in many prestigious Internet galleries.

Domen shares his knowledge trough [url=]photoshop video tutorials[/url] in his [url=]surrealist art community[/url].


This is art that catches our Editor's eye.
To earn it, make great work, and start networking to get your work seen. Editor's Choice 9